Saturday, January 10, 2009

Example= YearBook entry

Most schools allow the Grade President to write something for the yearbook, or give a speech, or something. Here's an example of a yearbook entry I wrote for someone a while back. He was the 9th Grade President of his school, which I wont name, and he just wanted a general, strait-forward reflection on his grade. He told me a few things about himself, to give me an idea of what he wanted. He wanted it to have a political edge to it, "conservative flavor", he told me. Here's what I did.

Shining City on a Hill- (insert name)

Coming into this year as the class of 2012, many of us did not know what to expect as high school students. Thrown off by this new atmosphere, our instincts automatically told us to hedge against the unknown, to take measured, conservative approaches to being freshmen at (school) School.

The idea of “keeping our heads down”, however, soon proved itself difficult, the class of ‘12 eager to show that they were just as much a part of this high school as anyone else. Striving to do more than just follow in the footsteps of great tradition, this grade made a commitment to become a model to follow- leaders, in everything they do.

(school) students achieve even when no one is watching, even when there is no reward. It’s one thing to be a starter on the Varsity football team, or to be an honors student. But it is something else entirely to devote a portion of your weekend to serving food at a soup kitchen, or to spend time with people in need. And even though sometimes it might be easier to put those endeavors aside, even though no one may be watching, (school) students have a burning conviction to work and fight for things they believe in.

In whatever path of life we choose to set out on, this grade is poised for success, but prepared for the long hard fight. It’s the challenges, the rigors of (school), which not only push us to achieve, but which brings us together, friends and family, to form one (school) Community. Together, this class of ’12 is ready to follow that great American tradition of leadership, of leading by example, of inspiring others to follow: ready to become that “Shining City on a Hill”.

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